SpaniolaACHE South is a special organization that feels like home. The people are warm,friendly, supportive, and respectful. It’s a place to grow, learn, be mentored, mentor others and to have fun. The connections I make at the annual conference last all year long. It’s a place to be your real self and feel valued for it. Here are a few ways to feel at home in ACHE South:


There are many opportunities to grow in ACHE South. Present your ideas, successes, failures, and research in concurrent sessions. Never presented before? This is a supportive audience who will make you feel comfortable in the front of the classroom. Grow as a leader with volunteer opportunities available. This year, we’re forming new committees in several topic areas. Find one that interests you and learn some new skills. Those new skills you learn and the leadership opportunities you engage in will help your career. Whether you need to polish up some skills, learn new ones or simply have a space to prove yourself, ACHE South can provide the opportunity.


Have you been itching to try a new idea, test an educational theory, or learn organizational skills? ACHE South can be the place to experiment, learn, and feel supported while testing the waters. You’ll notice that many leaders in ACHE South who have served for years still set the example by presenting concurrent sessions, heading committees, volunteering to host the annual conferences, and mentoring others. They take all the opportunities made available to them in order to enhance their careers and mentor those who are coming along behind them.


We all need it. Whether you have been in continuing education for years or just landed here, there is someone at ACHE South who can help guide your career and assist by helping you into new opportunities. There are so many inspiring and helpful people who guide me throughout the year. Sometimes, I’m pushed into unexpected leadership roles because someone thought I could do it even if I was unsure. It is inspiring to see that the people who mentor me also have their mentors sitting at the table at ACHE South conferences. When I see the depth and length of service our members share, I realize that there is a place for everyone because they set the example of what mentoring should be. They pass it on.

Connection and friendship

Laughter, fun, kinship, and advice. All things we can experience with ACHE South. Break out of your shell and have some fun, meet someone new, keep in touch throughout the year. Show up for others who will in turn show up for you. And don’t forget to dance like no one is watching. You get out what you put in. This famous saying applies to your experience with ACHE South. Make a commitment to yourself to invest in your education, growth, and leadership development by getting involved. You’ll be happy you did. We’re here for you, join us!

Patti Spaniola
Chair, ACHE South