Chris NesmithACHE South is a vibrant organization of individuals committed to the success of their students, customers, and programs. We support and assist each other in achieving these goals through our work together, providing opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and leadership training. In my time with the association I have come to appreciate the talents, the abilities, and the spirit of these individuals that together embody what makes ACHE South such a special group.

If you have attended any of the past conferences over the past several years--whether in Nashville, New Orleans, Charleston, or Memphis--you've seen that spirit come alive in many ways. And if you have not, I invite you to see if for yourself at our next conference in 2018 in Austin!

But the best way to experience what the organization is all about is to get involved. And there are many ways to do that. I invite you to explore the website and learn more about all the things ACHE South is doing. Then reach out to a committee chair, or to me, to find out how you can participate in our work together. If you do, you will find a group of supportive colleagues who will give you a warm welcome.

I am honored to serve as the chair of ACHE South for this year, and look forward to working with everyone during the year ahead!

Chris Nesmith
Chair, ACHE South