Treading Our Crossroads Today: Marching Our Pathways Tomorrow

Memphis is a city of crossroads. It is home to crucial intersections in music, culture, and social justice. We've chosen Memphis and the conference theme as a way of celebrating the rich history of the region and the realities of our work as continuing educators. Often our units are at the crossroads between the adult student and the university, the professional development center and the community, and the high school student and their first dual enrollment course. Serving as the crossroads is an honor and a challenge as students change directions and requirements for success. By evaluating the paths of our students we can see where we've been and predict where we need to go.

How do we march on our pathways for a successful future? We can follow the lead of Memphis with its history of innovation and steadfast generation. The Peabody Hotel, our conference hotel, is a perfect place to begin as it was a famous landmark in the Delta serving as the hub of commercial dealings and social events. Many industry leaders in agriculture, logistics, and manufacturing are based in Memphis.

We hope this conference will be a place for invention for you and put you on a marching path toward implementing new programs and service while renewing your commitment to providing high quality education opportunities for students. Please consider submitting a proposal by November 18 at 5pm that will relate to one of the conference themes described below.

Industry:  How have you developed efficiencies to tread the crossroads? Tell us how you are succeeding in managing the everyday realities of your work through best practices and replicable approaches to problem solving.

Imagination: Inspire us with a creative venture your unit has started this year. Have you made creative changes to your marketing campaign, developed a new interdisciplinary curriculum, or initiated a new industry partnership? Tell us all about your most innovative programming.

Implementation: This track gives you the opportunity to tell stories about how a program or service you've started and rocked and rolled to completion. Tell us about your success but don't be afraid to sing the blues. This can also be a chance to tell us how you've learned from obstacles or missteps in the implementation of a new venture.

All presentations should use "active learning" to involve your audience.  You may submit your proposal online by Friday, December 2 at 5 p.m. The proposal team will review all submissions and inform you of your status on or before December 16. Please note that presenters must register and submit their registration fee prior to the start of the conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Memphis!