Previous Chairs

ACHE South Region Past Chairs

Past Chairs

2016-17 Patti Spaniola, University of West Florida
2015-16 Julie Shankle, Florida Institute of Technology
2014-15 Lisa Graves, Louisiana State University
2013-14 Dan Lavit, Murray State University
2012-13 Amy Johnson, East Tennessee State University
2011-12 Marilyn Read, Delta State University
2010-11 Connie Robertson, University of Kentucky
2009-10 Susan Elkins, Tennessee Technological University
2008-09 Ruth Bettandorff, University of Georgia
2007-08 Brian Van Horn, Murray State University
2006-07 Mary Bonhomme, Florida Institute of Technology
2005-06 David Grebel, Texas Christian University
2004-05 Sallie Dunphy, University of Alabama, Birmingham
2003-04 Pauline Drake, Spelman College
2002-03 Rick Osborn, East Tennessee State University
2001-02 John Yates, Murray State University
2000-01 Karen Howell, CNA Insurance
1999-00 Suzanne Johnson, University of Texas-Pan American
1998-99 Kathy Warden, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1997-98 Philip Greasley , University of Kentucky
1996-97 Dorothy Crawford, University of Alabama, Birmingham
1995-96 John Snider, University of Alabama
1994-95 Dale Myers, Thomas More College
1993-94 David Copeland, Jacksonville State University
1992-93 Rosemary Owens, Middle Tennessee State University
1991-92 Robert Leiter, Mississippi State University
1990-91 Gayle Cooper, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
1989-90 Alan Thompson, University of Texas, Austin
1988-89 Robert Figg, University of Kentucky
1987-88 Susan Bridwell, University of South Carolina
1986-87 Virginia Gauld, University of Alabama, Birmingham
1985-86 Gordon Mueller, University of New Orleans
1984-85 Robert Stakes, University of Texas, El Paso
1983-84 Joan Mason, Midwestern State University
1982-83 Gary Norsworthy, Armstrong State College/Savannah State College
1981-82 David Bowden, University of South Carolina
1980-81 Stan Sieber, University of Tennessee, Martin
1979-80 Marsha Jenkins, Shelby State Community College
1978-79 Coy Hollis, University of Alabama
1977-78 Kermit Johnson, Manatee Junior College
1976-77 Ben Harlow, McNeese State University
1975-76 James Ford, Troy State University
1974-75 Sam Bills, University of Tennessee
1973-74 Dan Riva, Rollins College
1972-73 Louis Phillips, University of Georgia
1971-72 W.A. “Doc” Brotherton, Memphis State University
1970-71 William Gordon, Seminole Junior College
1969-70 Fred McCune, East Tennessee State University
1968-69 Wilbur McElwain, Miami-Dade Junior College
1967-68 Alban Varnado, LSU-New Orleans
1966-67 Glenn Bushey, University of Chattanooga
1963-64 Joe Goddard, University of Tennessee
1962-63 Frank Carroll, LSU
1961-62 Ray Witte, Loyola University, New Orleans
1960-61 Ray Witte, Loyola University, New Orleans
1958-59 Ray Witte, Loyola University, New Orleans

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