Have you ever wondered how ACHE South works? ACHE South is a volunteer organization that allows its members to take the reins and infuse their creativity and personal touches into our Annual Meetings each year. Here is a brief introduction to the election process and roles within the ACHE South Executive Committee. Each year, a member of ACHE South is nominated to be the Secretary of the organization at the Annual Business Meeting. This begins the process for this person to become the Chair.

  • Year 1 – Secretary - takes minutes at the regional meetings and serves as chair of the Site Planning Committee for the Annual Meeting of the South Region.
  • Year 2 - Chair-Elective - serves as Program Chair for the Annual Meeting of the South Region.
  • Year 3 – Chair – presides at all ACHE South meetings, appoints committees, serves as a member for the Program Committee of the Annual Meeting of the South Region.
  • Year 4 - Immediate Past Chair – serves in an advising capacity to the Executive Committee.

Other positions within the Executive Committee include:

  • Treasurer – keeps records of all monies received and distributed, gives financial reports to the group.
  • Member-at-Large (1-3 positions) – this person serves a two-year term on the Executive Committee. They are part of the Program Committee and also serve as chair or co-chair to a variety of different (and fun!) ACHE South committees.

If you are interested in joining the ACHE South Executive Committee, contact Debbie Poweleit at deborah.poweleit@cincinnatistate.edu.

We Have Volunteer Openings!

ACHE South has a place for everyone. We guarantee you will meet fellow ACHE South members and learn tips and tricks from new friends to take back to your office. Volunteering is the best way to network and tap into the valuable resources each one of our members can offer. If you want to get involved, here are a few places you can start!

Current openings:

  • Membership Committee. This committee consists of representatives from each state who work on increasing the membership of the South Region and attendance at the Annual Regional Meeting. (Members needed from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica)
  • Awards Committee. Review award submissions from various categories to determine yearly winners.
  • History and Traditions Committee. This committee maintains the history of the South Region. Also, the committee maintains a record of regional traditions relative to protocol, organization, and procedures.
  • Website Content Committee. This committee shall maintain the ACHE South website with up-to-date and pertinent content related to ACHE South membership, news, and conferences.
  • Long-Range Planning Committee. This committee recommends goals and objectives and is responsible for the continuous review of previously established goals and objectives.
  • Conference Volunteer Positions. If you are planning to attend the Annual Regional Meeting, you can help by presiding over a break-out session, working at the registration desk, or helping with audio-visual equipment. Also, you can submit a proposal to be a presenter at a session.
  • If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Debbie Poweleit at deborah.poweleit@cincinnatistate.edu.