Concurrent Session I

Bursting at the Seams: Creating Dynamic Partnerships to Enhance Your Bottom Line

Amanda Bergeron, Pamela Harvey, Sea Talantis

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama Conference Services department has grown exponentially over the past few years. Our programs go beyond traditional open enrollment and now includes a variety of partnerships including: associations, businesses, community organizations, state and federal agencies, trade shows, and more.

This presentation will outline the three major areas that have contributed to our success over the past ten years and motivate you to build new partnerships in your community.

Reimagining Online Course Facilitation

Dr. Jennifer King


At Bisk, we support thousands of courses across all our partner schools. We have found that the common denominator in all these partnerships is that facilitators, no matter their experience level, struggle with facilitating courses with best practices for working with adults in mind. In this session, we will share how we reimagined how to train faculty to facilitate online courses in order to accommodate the unique needs of adult learners in our Bisk Faculty Professional Development Certification program.

The CRM Spectrum - Find the Solution That Fits

Eric McGee

Education Dynamics

Managing student relationships and communication is challenging. Technology and processes greatly impact how, and how effectively, we accomplish our enrollment and advising goals. Examine solutions from simple spreadsheets to complex CRM and Marketing Automation integrations. Learn when and why you should upgrade your CRM technology.

Concurrent Session II

Creating a Collaborative Community of Event Planners

Anna Lochas

University of West Florida

Planning events and conferences can be a daunting and challenging experience especially for those with little to no experience. At the University of West Florida, we are educating and training our staff and faculty on how to become successful event planners. In order to create a collaborative community of event planners, we have developed a comprehensive professional program where planners can sharpen their skills, establish a network, and produce properly branded events. Join us to hear our story and discover how you can create a successful program for your institution.

Trends in Online Learning

Cindy Schmitt

Florida Tech

Technology is constantly changing. With upgrades to browsers and operating systems, as well as improved options for technology in the online learning environment, there are so many choices and unintended consequences.  Join us as we look at lessons learned and future trends in the online learning environment.  The Florida Tech Continuing Education non-credit courses currently do over 40,000 class seats a year in more than 50 countries.  Take a journey with us into the realm of possibilities.

Growing Where We’re Planted: Shaping Institutional Identity through Community Engagement

Dr. Lisa Hammond, Dr. Walter Collins, Elizabeth Crews

University of South Carolina Lancaster

As the higher education landscape changes, one constant remains: a need to build strong relationships between campuses and our communities. Institutions have more success navigating issues related to enrollment, finances, and workforce development within communities who value our educational missions and who participate in mutual decision-making—and we more clearly define our own identities as we consider our partnerships. This session will focus on nurturing town-gown relationships, while keeping a clear eye on the campus’s foundational interest in educating students.

Concurrent Session III

Re-creating "the box"

Brandy Huskey, April Rainbolt

East Tennessee State University

Higher education is changing. The student body is comprised of different student groups than it was 10-20 years ago. Being an off-campus site, we have recreated how we interact with our students to encourage involvement, communication and success. Allow us to share how we've thrown away the proverbial box and how we're reaching all sectors of our student body.

Things Fall Apart: Using Jenga to Teach Faculty About Adult Learner Needs

Dr. Amy Johnson

East Tennessee State University

Adult students are an essential part of the diverse fabric of any higher education institution. Non-traditional learners have experiences, assets, and challenges that are distinct from traditionally aged students. This workshop will provide definitions of adult and post-traditional learners, offers an overview of adult learner experiences in the university, and suggests classroom strategies for effectively responding to adult learners' needs.

Demystifying Digital Credentials: Let's Get Past "Badges"

Amrit Ahluwalia

The EvoLLLution

Employers, students and administrators alike aren’t sure of the value of “badges” ... but what is a badge other than a digital credential? This presentation aims to demystify digital credentials to help contextualize “badging” for institutions still trying to figure out their value to a modern audience.

Concurrent Session IV

The Paradoxical Sanctuary: How to Best Accommodate Black College Women in Higher Education

Ashlee Daniels

Prairie View A&M University

This research project seeks to measure and identify academic achievement of African American women attending Predominantly White Institutions and Historically Black Colleges/Universities with backgrounds of graduating from Title I public or private schools, and single-parent households.

The outcome of this project will prove my hypothesis that there is a critical academic, cultural, and social discrepancy between Black women who graduated from Title I high schools and those who graduated from Private schools; therefore, the colleges and universities, although claiming that it exhibits diversity and is all-inclusive, needs to implement programs that cater to Black college women academically, culturally, and socially.

2020 Higher Ed Program Trends: Managing Risk in a Complex Market

Terri Nierengarten, Dana DeLapi

Collegis Education

Although there’s demand for both traditional liberal arts education and emerging, workforce-aligned programs, the old philosophy, that by “simply creating a new program the students will appear,” no longer holds true. The higher ed market has become more complex. This session reviews the market and program trends from Collegis Education’s annual program trends analysis research to shed light on changes to expect in 2020. Presenter will be Terri Nierengarten, Senior Director, Product and Strategic Partnerships Director, who oversees Collegis’s academic research team.

How to Assess the Adult Learner: Lessons from Alfie Kohn

Dr. Jennifer King, Mathieu Plourde, Dr. Tealia DeBerry


As exposed by Malcolm Knowles in his work on andragogy, we can’t just use the pedagogy playbook and use it with adults. Or can we? We need to realize that our way of teaching children has not been stellar to start with. In this session, we will look at some neuromyths and the work of Alfie Kohn to explore ways to jump start your learning programs. We’ll also introduce concepts related to digital literacy, lifelong learning, and personal learning networks.

Concurrent Session V

Victory Starts Here! USC Palmetto College and Ft. Jackson… Partnering for Soldier Success!

Dr. Susan Elkins, Mr. James Smith, JR, JD, Mr. RyanWest, SSG

Palmetto College - University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina is home to Ft. Jackson, the largest army training post in the country, along with the University of South Carolina and its system innovation for off-campus and online delivery, Palmetto College. Learn how these two partners are collaborating to provide success for soldiers and their families through the development of new and innovative programs that prepare soldiers for the workforce once they complete their tour of duty. Key components of the partnership provide on-site delivery of courses at Ft. Jackson along with online degree programs, coupled with both a physical and virtual one-stop shop, meeting both the educational and career development needs of soldiers. Columbia is known as the “Most Friendly Military Community in the Country” and the goal of this collaborative partnership is to make USC Palmetto College the “Most Military Friendly Educational Opportunity in the Country!”

Adulting Bootcamps: A Crash Course in Growing Up

Dr. Ilana Kukoff, Sarah Lopano, Erica Frankel, Daniela Vallette

Cognition Builders

More than ever, young adults are struggling to launch due to a lack of practical skills. Cognition Builders’ Adulting Bootcamp teaches young adults the social, emotional, and pragmatic life skills necessary to stay in college and succeed long after. We cover everything from advocating for a different grade, to letting someone down easy, to paying taxes and deciphering insurance policies; it is a comprehensive course on all things adult.

Unlocking the Door to Degree Completion: Key Strategies to Transform the Returning Adult Student Experience

Gini Beran, Tracy Robinson

College Board

There is something more defeating than leaving college with no degree—leaving college with no degree and with college debt.  Inviting students back to finish what they started without fundamentally changing the student experience does not work.  Discover the lessons learned from both the University of Memphis and Complete Florida’s early welcome back campaigns that resulted in a variety of best practices for degree completion.  Both programs utilized accelerated and low-cost alternatives including CLEP, while maintaining academic quality.  A key strategy in the welcome back process is to increase both access and equity to educational attainment by partnering with employers to identify their employees with the most need and putting systems in place to support student success.

Concurrent Session VI

It All Starts with a Mouse: Introductory Course Ideas for the Online Classroom

Shane Santana, Samantha Porter

Florida Tech

Many universities offer an introductory college course for first year undergraduate students. This session will explore the unique challenges Florida Tech has encountered in its introductory course for the online classroom. We will cover the goals of ASC 1006 Mastering eLearning, its evolution since 2008, and how it differs from its main campus counterpart. You will then be asked to create your own assignment for a first term online undergraduate student.

Stepping back and forging ahead: Considering conceptual frameworks in working toward program development

Dr. Steven Frye, Dr. Jonathan Taylor

Tennessee Tech University

Program development/change is fraught with challenges that often develop into roadblocks for those who serve adult learners in Higher Education institutions.  This session will explore how conceptual change theory can inform those who work in these challenging environments.

Using CRM Technology to Harness Data to Drive Sustainable Growth

Meni Sarris, Guy Felder


We now live in a data driven world. CRM systems are key to thriving in this data-driven environment. Institutions that have adopted CRM technology to harness their data and drive business processes can experience a 30% or higher increase in enrollments. Thankfully, CRM platforms are becoming more accessible, creating new opportunities for organizations of any size to harness data to drive their student experience.